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A Tree Has Been Planted in Memory of

Donald Oscar Adamo
Arlene Adams
Dorothy Adshade
Reverend Douglas Aikman
Louise Aikman
Lucile Alexander
Phillip Ayerhart
Carmen Belan
Christine Alho
Clarice Allman
David Allman
Shirley Anderson
Marjorie Angus
Michael Annis
Sheila Archer
Winnie Arrigo
Irja "Ellen" Bailey
Victor Balian
Donald Ball
Kay Bannister
Wray Bannister
Rhonda Barkley
Nellie Barna
Jeremy Allyn Barnett
Andrea Susan Barr
Wayne Bartlett
George E. G. Bastedo
Jane Bauslaugh
Carmen Belan
Kay Bellhouse
Anne Beringen
Savannah Bignell
Edward Billo
Rose Billo
Jeannie Birt
Herb Bishop
Joey Blue
Carl Bock
Steven Bohlken
Pauline Boucher
Albert J. Boudreau
Helmi Bracco-Callaghan
Kevin Bradley
Robert "Rob" Bradley
Lillian Brown
H. Isabel Brubacher
Edward Brudz
Michael Thomas Bryson
Candise Bullis
Teresa "Terry" Burns
Margaret Burtch
Sheila Mary Butler
Walter Butt
John "Jack" Calleya
Devane Campbell
Donald Francis Campbell
Jerrold Campbell
Lila Campbell
Kay Cameron
Daniel Caron
Gloria L. Carr
Gloria Carter
Harold B. Carter
Florence "Fay" Cartwright
Irene Chosen
Rowlene Clark
Evelyn Clement
Oliver Clubine
Hallam Dorien Cole
Leonard "Len" Cole
Vanessa Cole
Michel Fernand Colford
Patricia Colig
David Collins
Marie Collins
Bob Colwell
Kelly Conklin
James Conlin
William Dennis Conly
Clarissa "Claire" Cooke
Dorothy Cooper
Mary Cornish
Victor Cornish
Edmund Joseph Courneyea
Evangeline Cowherd
Cuthbert "Cuppy" Cox
Charles Csaszar
Shirley Ann Darling
William "Bill" Day
Richard Dean
Jacqueline Decker
Kevin Degrouchie
Peter deHooghe
Eda De Luca
Lizzie Dembinski
Frances "Fran" Deschamps
Marshall Digout
Charles Dominko
Beverly Doran
Barb Doucette
Anne Douglas
George Downing
Evelyn Marie Drake
Dolly M. Draper
David W. Duboy
Donald Dyer
Ed Dyson
Lloyd C.G. Edge
Dorothy Elcomb
C. G. Wayne Elliot
Mary English
Laura Fawcett
Donald Troy Fedor
Janet Ferras
Mollie Fisher
Margaret Fitzgerald
Faye Flake
Paul Flannery
Eva "Peggy" Flicks
Baby Abigail Fluit
Bruce Fraser
Elsie Fraser
Peter French
Daniel Friesz
Dennis E. Fuller
Tony Gambicout
June Garland
Michael Garvey
Robina Ruby Gashgarian
Earl W. Gaukel
Linda Gburski
Gerhard Geick
Mary Geier
Jack Gilbert
Arthur Giles
Paul R. Gilmor
Jane "Jean" Gray
Anthony Green
Margaret Greer
Nellie Greig
Roberta "Robbi" Grinton
Betty Jean Grundy
Robert A. Guest
Donald J.Hadaway
Jean Hall
Gregory Halliday
Georgina Hamilton
Robert Hanans
Richard Carey Hanson
William Harding
John Myles Harley
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Harlow
Susan Harper
Shirley Harrison
Maureen Hase
Mary Hayden
Stu Henderson
Robert Lee Hewitson
Irene Heys
Paul Hill (Bruner)
Gertrude Hinton
Laura E. Hochner
J. Hedde Hoflein
Karl Hoflein
Sheila Hofman
Gulbe "Gurby" Hofstee
Joyce Holland
Arthur Holmes
Violet Holmes
John Homeniuk
Vera Honcharuk
Bernard Hoo
George W. Howse
Kathleen "Kay" Huculak
Carson Huelin
Allan "Al" Hughes
Jessie Hughes
Ivy Husing
Ronnie Hutzler
Cornelia Huybens
Robert "Bob" Ironside
Dale Jamieson
Norman Jarvie
Hazel Jewel
Jeff Johnson
Jim Johnson
June Johnson-Doust
Gail Jozwiak
Marjan Krilic
Chander Kapur
Theodore "Ted" Kelly
Dorothy "Marie" Kendler
Diane Kendry
Mabel Kershaw
Carolyn Kikot
Jean Kingsbury
Margaret Kingston
Harold S. Kirby
Donald Frederick Knechtel
Wayne Knight
Marjan Krilic
Piroska Laczi
Michael Lalor
Gerry Landry
Lois Lauer
Margaret Lazenby
John Lee
Melvin D. Leeder
Richard E. Lefler
Richard E. "Rick" Lefler
Barry Lemke
Joyce Lent
Georgie Baird Lewis
Ryan Little
Maurice "Moe" William Long
Madelyn Love
Jean Luck
Ryan George Ludlow
Norman Edward MacAskill
Daphne MacDonald
Douglas Bruce MacGregor
Lois MacLean
Peter MacNames
Earl MacRitchie
Doris Marcellus
Wallace Margeson
Mary Martin
Edith "Verna" Matthews
Herbert "Gerald" Mason
Gord Maughan
Earl Charles Mayo
Simon Francis McBriarty
Billy McBride
Patti McCleister
Phyllis McClure
Sheilagh McCullagh
Ellenore McDermid
Ruth McFadzean
Rose McGough
Isla McGuire
Ida May McIntyre
Jean McKay
Richard McKenzie
Isobel McKinnon
Robert McLean
David McNaught
Lynn Marie McNeil
Cameron McNicol
Bruce & Ruth Ann McPhail
Ethel Meens
Alice Mellor
Douglas S. Memmott
Walter E. Merritt
Gladys Miller
Greg Mills
Lloyd Millward
Maurice Mines
Pietro Minna
Gordon Edward Misner
Betty Mitchell
Gordon Mitchell
Marjorie Mitchell
Raffaele Modesti
Lillian Moffitt
Barbara Morrow
Kay Moxon
Gordon Mudie
Sally Munroe
Jim Muterer
Leona "Lee" Nattress
Donaline Neal
Dora Neale
Melanie Anne Neale
Robert Neale
Vera Neil
Arthur Neill
David B. Nelson Sr.
Thi Huu "Maria" Nguyen
Brian Nolan
Michael Noseworthy
Robert Jackson Nuttall
Donald Oldfield
Wendy Oldham
Bernice Onyschak
Roman Onyschak
Sandra "Sandy" O'Rafferty
Shirley Oros
Johanna "Joanne" Ott
Irmgard Ottenbacher
Robert Ottenbacher
James Papple
Cal Parker
Robert Parker
Robert Paul
Jean Pease
Mary Pease
Melvin John Peck
Julia Pedra
Donald J. Penrose
Annette Perras
Osmond "Ossie" Perrott
Charlie "Chuck" Persall
Glen Peterson
John Phillipchuk
Peggy Philp
Jason Pickthall
Rita Pilon
Jeremy Plant
Fernand Porier
Ann Porter
James Porter
Donald Joseph Potts
Raymond Potvin
Gail Powell
Ella Mae Pritchard
Doris Procter
Ida Provenzano
Mary Prowse
George "Skip" Pulham
Dorothy "Cookie" Purdy
Marion Radkey
Eveline Rae
William Rafuse
Robert George Ramsey
Bruce Reese
Orville Reese
Lena Reid
Anne Reynolds
Stephen Reynolds
William Reynolds
Nancy Richardson
David Riddolls
Bertha Rietveld
Robert "Bob" Rivers
Jan Roadhouse
Jessie Roberts
Maureen Roberts
Connie Robertson
Jack Leo Robillard
Eva Robins
Frank Robinson
Nancy Robinson
Clayton Rogers
Ella Rowan
Will Rowe
Jean Royce
Scott Royce
Edith Rudd
Alfred Rushton
James G. Russell
Richard "Dick" Sahagian
Mary Saldarelli
Marian Elaine Sandison
Daniel Sardinski
Shirley Sawicki
Marianne Schram
Lillian Serack
Henry Ward Shaver
Susan Sheridan
Greg Shields
Donna Sibbick
Robert Sills
Audrey Sleeth
Dennis Smith
Frederick Smith
Gerald Smith
Matthew "Matt" Smith
Wilfred "Wilf" Smith
Madeleine Spence
Margaret E. Spencer
Laura Squizzato
Norah Pearl Stanley
Melvin "Mel" Stenabaugh
Douglas Stephens
Elizabeth "Beth" Stone
Leona Stratford
Patricia "Tricia" Strutynski
Shirley Stuart
Dora Stubel
Robert "Bob" Tait
Robert Taylor Sr.
Elvis Thompson
Allan Thomson
Kathleen Thorpe
Larry T. Tibbs
John Timothy
Margaret Tolhurst
Pauline Totten
James R. Truckle
Anna Maria Turjanyi
Allen Usher
Gregory Usher
Donna Vail
Daniel Vanderpols
Maria van Kimmenaede
Leo VanHolst
Kirk Wakeling
Thelma "Judy" Wakeling
Marguerite Walter
Lloyd Wannamaker
Pierrette Watson
Maude Welton
Marion Western
Wesley White
Terence John Wheelton
Jason Wile
Barbara Joan Wilkes
George Willard
Esther Williams
Gary Wilson
Robert "Bert" Wilson
Scott Wood
Terrie Woodrow
Mary "Molly" Woods
Dr. Gene Yaremczuk
Betty Young
Edward Zombeck


Beckett-Glaves Family Funeral Centre


Thank you for visiting Brantford's family funeral home. We have created this site to help you make informed decisions in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Here, you can meet our staff, tour our facilities, learn more about our special programs, and find answers to the questions that many share.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing we have to do in life. It is our hope to make a difficult time easier for you.

Preplanning of funeral arrangements and ordering of trees for the Beckett-Glaves Memorial Forest can now be completed on-line. Of course, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you in person and discuss further details. Let us know how we can be of assistance.


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We provide our families with an open door policy. Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day.

Beckett Glaves Family Funeral Centre
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Brantford, ON N3T 3H3

Phone: 519-752-4331
Fax: 519-752-2885

Book of Memories™

Memorialization at its best, any family member or friend can take advantage of this free service by creating an account and a book to memorialize their loved one.


Dying is one of the few events in life that's certain to occur, yet one we rarely plan for. Should we spend more time preparing for a two week vacation than we do our last days on Earth?

Expressions of Sympathy

It can be difficult to find the right words, so we have hand-picked a collection of sympathy and remembrance gifts that will be cherished.

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